The Phantom Creeps

The Phantom Creeps is a 1939 serial about a mad scientist who attempts to rule the world by creating various elaborate inventions. In a dramatic fashion, foreign agents and G-Men try to seize the inventions for themselves.

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Synopsis: Dr. Zorka, a rogue scientist, is the creator of various weapons of warfare, including a devisualizer belt which renders him invisible; an eight-foot tall slave robot (Ed Wolff), robot spiders that can destroy life or paralyse it and he also has a deadly meteorite fragment from which he extracts an element which can induce suspended animation in an entire army.

Directed by Ford Beebe, Saul A. Goodkind
Produced by Henry MacRae (associate producer)
Written by Willis Cooper (original story), George Plympton, Basil Dickey, Mildred Barish (screenplay)
Starring: Béla Lugosi, Dorothy Arnold, Robert Kent
Music by Charles Previn
Cinematography: Jerry Ash, William Sickner
Edited by Irving Birnbaum, Joseph Gluck, Alvin Todd
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date: January 7, 1939
Country: United States
Language: English