Prisoners Of The Lost Universe

A scientist, a reporter and a repairman are accidentally transported to a prehistoric world in a parallel universe when they fall into the beam of the experiment during an earthquake aftershock.

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Synopse: Through a series of coincidences, Carrie, Dan and Dr. Hartmann all fall through a teleporter device Hartmann has invented. Transported to what appears to be a prehistoric world in a parallel universe and unable to find the Doctor, Dan and Carrie must figure out a way to get back home. Before they can do that, however, they must deal with tribes of savage cavemen, as well as a brutal warlord named Kleel who has taken a liking to Carrie and seems to be unusually well-supplied with Earth technology...

Directed by Terry Marcel
Produced by Harry Robertson
Music by Harry Robertson
Release date: August 15, 1983 (USA)
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English


Richard Hatch: Dan
Kay Lenz: Carrie
John Saxon: Kleel
Peter O’Farrell: Malachi
Ray Charleson: The Greenman
Kenneth Hendel: Dr Hartmann
Philip Van der Byl: The Manbeast
Dawn Abraham: Shareen
Ron Smerczac: Head Trader
Charles Comyn: Treet
Ian Steadman: 1st Prisoner
Bill Flynn: 2nd Prisoner
Danie Voges: Giant Nabu
Myles Robertson: Waterbeast