Jail Bait

Jail Bait (also known as Hidden Face) is a 1954 American crime film directed by Ed Wood, with a screenplay by Wood and Alex Gordon. The film stars Timothy Farrell as a gangster who undergoes plastic surgery to elude the police. Famed bodybuilder Steve Reeves made his first screen appearance in the film.

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Don Gregor (Clancy Malone), the son of a plastic surgeon, is jailed by the police for carrying an unlicensed handgun. Inspector Johns (Lyle Talbot) and Lt. Lawrence (Steve Reeves) suspect he is an associate of gangster Vic Brady (Timothy Farrell). Don’s sister Marilyn (Dolores Fuller) bails her brother out of jail, and the siblings agree to keep their father uninformed about Don’s indiscretions. While Dr. Gregor (Herbert Rawlinson) is aware of his son’s secret life, he believes Don is a good person and that everything will “straighten itself out nicely.”

Directed by Ed Wood
Produced by Ed Wood
Written by Alex Gordon, Ed Wood
Starring: Timothy Farrell, Dolores Fuller, Clancy Malone, Herbert Rawlinson, Steve Reeves, Lyle Talbot
Music by Hoyt Curtin (as Hoyt Kurtain)
Cinematography: William C. Thompson
Editing by Charles Clement, Igo Kantor
Distributed by Howco Productions Inc, Something Weird Video
Release date: May 12, 1954
Running time: 72 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: US$22,000
(adjusted by inflation: $188,077)